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some good stuff

After years of pulling my hair out and being on the bad side of miserable, I finally got my thumb out my arse and got myself a new job.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*poms poms*

No more shift work.
No more talking to achingly irritating members of the public.
No more brown nosing managers.
No more having to take 3 buses to get to work.



I wrote this for the House Community Fest - more specifically for the Picture Prompt activity that was posted in house_memories ... i thought i'd just post it here for posterity ;) ...

Did you put it in drive?Collapse )

Square Eyes...

---- After watching a friend of mine yell and scream about it on Twitter forever in a day, i finally got round to watching Gotham (I missed on UK television so i had to wait until they put it on Netflix) and ahhhh man, they have got me hook, line and sinker. It's such a peculiar programme, with a very offbeat tone, and the addition of characters like Edward Nygma and possibly Joker (who i think is the kid from the carnival episode) in places you don't expect them is neat little twist.

The programme feels pretty straight forward when you first begin but as things start to unravel it all goes to hell, and there are several season long arcs that duck and dive through each other... Obviously you have Jim Gordon, fresh on the detective bureau, wanting to rid Gotham of its seedy underbelly, but in the background you have a bubbling gang war between Maroni and Falcone, and then the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents and his subsequent investigation into the possible dodgy dealings of his father's company. It all comes together like a well mixed cocktail. The programme is also aided by a stellar cast who, even down to the smaller roles, are wonderful in their respective roles.. Although most of the scene stealing is done by Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock (who characterisation is more to the tune of the later comics and the animated series which i prefer). So yeah that was some good shit... now i just have to wait for series 2...

---- Also someone please watch the Friday Night Lights tv show and then yell at me about how gorgeous Kyle Chandler is... thank you please...


oh i am still creeping

I hope you are all fine and dandy... Just wanted to pop up and say hi, and see how you all are...

It's been so long since i have been on because i cleverly managed to lock myself  out of my own account.. HOORAY..

I have shit loads of posts and fic to get through so if you are one of those talented lot then i apologise now for the comments tornado you are going to get...

What's happening with all you lovely people? I want all the deets..


when did this all change...

So much for posting more regularly huh? ... *laughs into drink* and i have so many fics by you nice people in my bookmarks to read.. so yes i have been spying on you all *taps nose*

Apart from working, sitting in my pants and watching Netflix, and eating Dominos pizza, i have found time to cram in two trips to London (theatre dahhling, to see Angela Lansbury in action OH MY GOD), one to Nottingham and another holiday to Prague, where i somehow got sunburnt (?!) and drunk on the same day  \o/ and spent the following day walking around the grounds of Prague Castle with a stinking bloody hangover.

So yes, basically, I have been a typical 25 year old complete with the crippling and overwhelming sense that i am wasting my life away in an office...

I hope you are all good and well. I want all the details of what you lovely folk have been up to because i am both nosy and intrigued.

*slithers in*

I am still alive, but my livejournal is so sorely neglected...

I have been checking up periodically but I admit, i have lapsed in my attempts to post anything (understatement of the year)...

Hope you are all fine and well... and  i HOPE, i HOPE, to have a fic finished in the not so distant future, so maybe I shall be back posting sooner rather than later......

or maybe, i have actually got round to writing another chapter to that WIP i started several centuries ago, which is now so old and abandoned it is smothered in weeds,... maybe, just maybe

Moose xx



After 12 months of heavy bass beats and shitty MTV Unplugged-esque yodelling, the little fuckers are finally departing and making way for a hopefully less 'banging' set of people.

We have signed on for another year of course so after two years of shuffling around various locations, I can finally settle a little bit and not have to worry about packing and boxing inordinate amounts of shit.

A few comments on my last post asked if i can pop some pictures up from my trip to Prague... which i will most certainly oblige beneath the cut..

Read more.. Prague and PicturesCollapse )

Jun. 18th, 2013

*plays bagpipes*

Just dropping by to waft some good vibes. Hope you are all well, you wonderful people.

I am excited...


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