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This Aggression Will Not Stand Man.


Trivial Mashed Potato
29 July
I'm here. You're there. So hi there.

I am a real person with straight hair that refuses to anything, a bad habit of biting nails, and a fondness for frozen curries and Kit Kats but not neccessarily at the same time.

Currently residing in the North of England and currently edging slowly back to the madness I managed to get from in a new job that is JUST better than my last one. But I tried, at least.

A sopping wet liberal who loves books and retaining random knowledge about random things.

I do not bite and haven't done since I cracked one of baby teeth on a stainless spoon at the age of 4.

I have no claims to fame or witty statements of fact. I only sit, and slowly decay as I wistfully stare into the distance wishing for all my dreams to come true.

My dream being owning by own book shop and having an endless supply of Caramel Kit Kat Chunkys at my disposal.

Also if you disagree with anything I say anywhere and in any place...well...never mind. I accept things like The Dude
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Oh and also....
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